A revolution in smiles

Digital Smile Design FAQ’s

What is digital smile design?

Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary dental technique that allows us to digitally record and adapt a patient’s smile before we begin your treatment plan.

We can even create a 3D model of your new smile for you to try before treatment to make sure you love your new smile!


At Yiannikos Centre for Holistic Dentistry, we take more than your teeth into consideration when we design your smile.

We also analyse your facial aesthetics and personality to make sure your new smile is 100% uniquely you.

During your consultation, Dr Yiannikos will use an intra-oral scanner to create digital 3D images of your smile.

From here, we will analyse the images and design your new smile based on the conversation you had in your consultation.

We will then create a physical replica of your new smile (these are almost like temporary teeth that can be attached to your current teeth) so you can test your smile for yourself before treatment even begins!

If you are happy with the look of your new smile and treatment plan, we will be able to schedule in your first appointment.

Because you are unique, your dental smile design will be custom made for you!

Your smile design can include veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, dental implants, amalgam filling removal with SMART protocol, along with other dental techniques.

Dr Anna-Maria Yiannikos and her team will design your treatment around you, your health and your dream smile.