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Smooth perfection through Innovative Technology

Mock-up bonding

Did you ever imagine you that you could rehearse your new smile?  Now it is so easy and simple that instantly with the use of mock-ups and without any tooth preparation (drilling) we can make temporary teeth which are bonded on your natural ones.  This way you will have the chance to show them to your family and friends;   consider it as a ‘test drive’ for your permanent smile.  You will be able to go out, eat, drink and smile fearlessly enjoying the looks of admiration around you!

Lie down comfortably, and we will use our professional skills and artistic touch, so as to provide you with results that meet your high expectations.  After a few days we shall move on to the final restoration, deciding along with the patient’s consent, for the shiny smile to be created.


Bridges and crowns made of zirconium are now the new choice in dentistry.  Zirconium is a mineral porcelain of exceptional strength similar to a diamond.  It has high transmittance to light which makes it wonderful aesthetically and it is bio-compatible and friendly to tissues.

A restoration made of zirconium is excellent aesthetically, biologically and functionally.  It is a long-lasting material with amazing clinical results – an exciting choice for your dental restorations.

According to Dr. Anna-Maria Yiannikos it is very important to transform a smile in such a way that the aesthetic results will not only be immediate, but long-lasting as well.


Air-abrasion is the new technique/tool that can be used as an alternative to the classic method of a dental drill for teeth fillings.  Compressed air passes through a handle which removes dental caries effectively.  Air-abrasion is the right tool when the aim is to remove dental caries at an initial stage without removing any part of the healthy tooth, in order to preserve its strength.

Air-abrasion is a device that creates the ideal conditions for faster and smaller tooth fillings, in this way we minimise your care-cycle visits.

There is no need for injections because you will have absolutely no discomfort during the process.  Therefore, you will have the chance to relax while we restore your dental health.

As Dr. Anna-Maria Yiannikos points out ‘I early felt the responsibility to practice effective and completely painless therapies.’

Intra-Oral camera

The intraoral camera is a revolutionary tool used in our dental centre which assists in having a picture of the mouth and enhances the possibility of tracing any dental problems in an initial stage.

Using a small camera the images appear on a TV screen in order to make the evaluation process easier, gain valuable time and have guidance for the additional means of diagnosis and care.

As Dr. Anna-Maria Yiannikos says it is our responsibility to acknowledge our patients as our partners; it is our duty to offer them complete information regarding their dental care.

Dental Lasers

The dental laser device is the pride of our clinic. It is a tool that constitutes an exciting innovation in dental practice.

By generating a beam of concentrated light, dental laser has a broad spectrum of applications, such as the early detection of tooth decay, the treatment of soft tissues, as well as teeth whitening.  Furthermore, it is used to remove decay effectively without the use of a dental drill or anaesthetic, to treat gum disease, mouth ulcers, herpes virus. In addition the dental laser is also very useful in root canal treatment.

Finally, conventional treatments (scalpel) used for dental surgery have in many cases been replaced by dental laser.

To sum up, we aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment, while maintaining a positive mood and inner peace, thus, making it more likely to regain the natural condition of your dental health.

Dr. Anna-Maria Yiannikos, in order to emphasize the beneficial use of dental lasers likes to say that ‘a day without dental lasers is a day without sunshine.’

Digital X-ray

With the assistance of the digital x-ray, an image of your teeth is projected on the computer screen while you are in the dental chair.  Now, you do not have to wait 15 minutes for the x-rays to appear, as the digital x-ray makes it easier both for the patient and the dentist to consider the choices of the care cycle, so as to have a positive and beautiful outcome.

The image obtained is clearer compared to conventional film x-rays, while at the same time there is no environmental impact, there is also a choice for printing, copying onto a CD or e-mailing the x-ray.

In addition, it should be emphasised that your health is not harmed with unnecessary radiation.