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Yiannikos Dental - Mobile Application - “Healthy Smile Healthy Life”

Download the App – Available for Android & iOS!

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A fresh and different perspective in dental treatments and services. The purpose of this application is to correctly inform and educate people on routine dental issues and their solutions. leading to the elimination of fear, convenient communication and contact with the field of dentistry. A different approach to make us love dentistry and include it as a part of our everyday life!

9 Reasons to Love this Application and your Dentist!:
1) Recognize your symptoms!
2) Learn how to properly brush your teeth step by step
3) Smart tips and solutions for the protection of your teeth
4) Dental emergencies and how to deal with them
5) Find which foods… ‘love your teeth!’
6) Become a member of our Elite Dental Club and enjoy your special benefits!
7) Choose your dental treatment with our assistance!
8) Aesthetic Dentistry
9) Dental Information & advice for parents

Watch video Preview: Yiannikos App – “Heathly Smile Healthy Life” – by Yiannikos Dental

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