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The 3rd lecture from the Series "Valuable Tips and Treatments for Dental Conditions and Oral Health"


The third of the four part lecture series in collaboration with Strovolos Municipality was conducted on the 7th of June 2017. The series is titled “Valuable Tips and Treatments for Dental Conditions and Oral Health”. Once again, the citizens of Strovolos joined us to watch an exciting presentation from Dr. Anna Maria Yiannikos.

Dr. Anna Maria Yiannikos, dental surgeon and main speaker of the lectures informed and educated all the participants/attendees providing solutions for:

  • Dental problems in the elderly(teeth sensitivity, bad breath, dry mouth) due to medication, illness(ex. diabetes, heart disease), but also treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy.
  • How to cope with urgent dental problems for people with mobility difficulties
  • How they can easily deal with dental problems until they visit the dentist
  • Nutrition advice for strong teeth and gums
  • Advice on the protection and proper care of dentures and general mouth hygiene

Lectures are being conducted in the Greek language.
The public is welcome to attend all lectures as the entry is free for everyone.

The 4th and last lecture will take place next Wednesday at 19:00.
For more information contact us at 22764765