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Centre for Holistic Dentistry

Definition of Holistic Dentistry:

A practice takes into account the effects of dental care and the materials used in the overall health of the individual. The mouth is identified as an integral and crucial part of the whole organism. It supports the body’s natural ability for self-healing and regeneration.  The less invasive, less traumatic and less toxic are chosen in diagnosis and care.”

With a commitment to ‘Health and Beauty’ we wish to upgrade dentistry as another means of empowerment in that the primary objective is the hea3


We encompass people with a cocoon of Wisdom, Affection and Security. We know that each person has the power to transform themselves if they wants to. We exercise our expertise and create the right conditions to facilitate regeneration.

Our philosophy is based on the cycle of the caterpillar, which remains safely in its cocoon until its regeneration.

Our most updated knowledge, our most advanced technology, our most cordial affection wishes to boost Self-esteem, awaken Wisdom and offer Wellness. This is how we explain the “Center for Holistic Dentistry“.